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Oscar 2017, dedicato agli immigrati

Oscar 2017, dedicato agli immigrati quello italiano per il miglior trucco. Bertolazzi: “Lo sono anch’io” "Sono un immigrato, vengo dall’Italia e lavoro in giro per il mondo. Questo (premio) è per tutti gli immigrati", ha affermato Bertolazzi. "Grazie, voglio parlare, devo ... Read more

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Donald Trues-5-point-plan-about-illegal-immigration

He is focused on the 14th Amendment, which falsely grants citizenship to babies born in America of illegal aliens. He wants to change that, and has 5 ideas on how to secure the border. Here are Donald Trump’s 5 points about illegal ... Read more

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There's a good chance Melania Trump would have been deported

Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate        business insider n Nov. 4, the Associated Press reported that it had obtained documents showing that Melania Trump—then known as Melania Knauss or Knaus—had been paid for modeling work performed in 1996 while she was staying in... Read more

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Italy and Libya sign accord to combat immigration, human tra

With the reopening of the Italian embassy in Tripoli after nearly two years, bilateral agreements on fighting illegal immigration and human trafficking will become operative. Italy's new ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, will present his credentials today to Prime Minister ... Read more

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